HealthCode AI

Artificial Intelligence powered
diagnostic platform for Physicians

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Main points

Long time experience

Years in healthcare

Unique combinations

Years in e-health systems, AI & ML


Years in healthcare

Massive global shortage of physicians

> 700 000

Global shortage of GPs

> 50 h

Average working hours / week

Less than 8 min

Time spent with patients is decreasing

Treatment mistakes

3rd leading cause of mortality in US

No 1 cause of burnout

Physicians are under enormous stress

To help physicians we have developed Leia - AI physician

Leia is the most efficient "co-pilot" that any physician could have. Through pre-evaluation, preparation of disease overview and hypothesis of diagnoses, Leia frees time for physicians

AI Leia uniquness


Physician vertified data
for machine learning

Visit to visit

Machine learning methodology
that imitates physicians thinking


Superior diagnostic results
with less questions to patients


Patient connected to
their own Physician

  • Symptom collection
  • Disease overview
  • Diagnosis hypothosis
  • Patient - Physician interface

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